<span id="lblNoFrames"><h1>cover_h.pdf</h1><br/>Resident June 2012 • 19You’d be a loon not to favor June!<br/>We are having a true boon here at Resident and this month is no exception! Elvis Duran, host of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100 in New York, is this month’s cover feature. He granted us an exclusive hour-long interview in which he discussed the radio business, what it means to be a New Yorker and how he gives back to the community.<br/>For this editor, he was a true inspiration, while still being gracious, charming, and funny.Eileen Fulton and Charlie Gasparino are also featured this month. Ms. Fulton, the original bad girl (through her role as Lisa Grimaldi on the soap “As the World Turns”), has turned good! That’s not exactly true: she’s always been good, but she’s exploring her many facets, which include singing, lecturing and acting on stage. Mr. Gasparino, a talented and hard-working Fox Business Network reporter, talks shop, New York and the many breaking stories he helped bring to light.Throughout June, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of exposure Resident is receiving. Look out for us across other mediums - and major ones at that! We’ve worked hard to increase our visibility, and we look forward to your comments and expressions of support; they mean a lot to the whole staff!As we continue our journey of highlighting well known New Yorkers, we also better understand the influence New York has had on us. In that vein, we plan on having everyone who has been featured this year contribute an article on whatever topic they choose.<br/>Furthermore, in November we’ll be having a launch party to celebrate. Stay tuned, as it will be exciting! We are also excited to showcase our layouts; we hope you’ve seen a difference over these last few months. Also, look out for On the Catwalk, our video component on resident.com. On another note, we’ve shifted to New York while still valuing and promoting our travel section. For example, we offer great stories on Curacao, Zurich, Chile, Boston, hotels in London and Antigua and Carnival Cruises.This New York-centric focus is seen in our monthly style/fashion column from George Brescia. And next month, we are adding an interior design expert to our team: Ms. Amy Statuto, who will be contributing her wealth of knowledge. We look forward to having her on board! We are glad that Resident has become your source for the best of New York: we wouldn’t have it any other way. Lastly, please follow us on Tweeter: @NY_Resident and like us on Facebook: NY ResidentBest,Christopher A. PapeEditor-in-Chiefchristopherp@resident.com</span>