<span id="lblNoFrames"><h1>Epic S7478 TDS.pdf</h1><br/>S7478 Potting ComPoundThe Epic S7478 is a two component polyurethane potting compound for use in high temperature applications. The Epic S7478 is UL94 V-0 recognized in a thin cross section without the use of halogen flame retardants. The Epic S7478 has user friendly features such as: • Mid Range Hardness of Shore A 75 – 80 • Low Mixed Viscosity for Superior Flow • Excellent Thermal Conductivity Properties • 140°C UL RTI Recognition • Short Gel Time for Fast Production • Excellent Moisture Resistance • Used in Outdoor and Other Harsh EnvironmentsThe S7478 material is a premium potting compound designed for the following applications: •<br/>LED Drivers That Must Meet the Requirements of UL 8750 Safety Standard for LED Equipment for Use in Lighting Products • Electrical Encapsulation • Signals and Indicators • Signs • Automotive Assemblies • Decorative LED LightsEpic Resins offers distinct advantages over our competitors: • ISO 9001 and 14001 Recognized Management System • Extensive Customer Support • New Product Development • Product Customization • Application Property Testing •<br/>Local Field Technical Service – No Need to Work<br/>Through DistributorsteChniCal data Sheet</span>