<span id="lblNoFrames"><h1>ERA063 YB17 All Pages v11.pdf</h1><br/>Yearbook 2017 European Regions Airline AssociationYearbook sponsored by:YEARBOOKThe annual directory of the European Regions Airline Association2017www.eraa.orgYearbook sponsored by:????????????????ATR is the worldwide reference for regional aircraft, ? ying in almost 100 countries with 200 operators. The unique versatility and ? exibility together with the ability to serve challenging airports, make ATRs the right tools for creating new routes and consolidating existing markets.atr-aircraft.comPropelling sustainable aviationATR is the worldwicountries with 200with the ability to creating new route17T0189_AP_ERA_Yearbook_2017_210x297_V1.indd<br/> 106/02/2017<br/> 11:42</span>