<span id="lblNoFrames"><h1>ERA072 YB18 v12 web flattened RF.pdf</h1><br/>Yearbook 2018 European Regions Airline AssociationYearbook sponsored by:????????????????A million reason$ to ? y ATR.That’s why we’re the Regional Leader.Choosing ATR’s solutions generates $1 million of savings annually, per aircraft, compared to their direct competitors. This explains the vast success of the program and its leadership in terms of orders, deliveries, backlog, operator base, investor’s opinion and residual value retention.#ATRLeadsatr-aircraft.com17T0877_AP_18_AeronauticaDifesa_210x297mm_GB.indd<br/> 101/06/2017<br/> 16:48THE ANNUAL DIRECTORY OF ERAYEARBOOK 2018Yearbook sponsored by:</span>