<h1>New York1.pdf</h1><br/>54 • Resident The Week Of June 17, 2008 Do you know? 1.800.227.2762 or go to www.columbiasurgery.org and click on Taking Care of Me Contact us for a free brochure, newsletter, or a physician referral. Perfectly Matched The Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at Columbia University Medical Center • Your risk for liver disease • You can donate a portion of your liver to a loved one and it will regenerate to full size within weeks • Not all cirrhosis is caused by alcohol use • Hepatitis C and cirrhosis due to alcoholism are the most common reasons for liver transplant • Caught early, most liver disease can be treated with medication 961_4x10.5 liver transplantation:Layout 1 6/3/08 4:06 PM Page 1